Seton Hall University

Intermediate Statistical Methods, Summer 2021

  • Instructor
  • Class of 15 Ed.D. students in K-12 Administration
  • The course is designed to teach students to interpret findings from quantitative studies using multiple linear regression analyses and conduct statistical analyses.
  • Activities include: Stata labs, designing and executing a research project using regression analysis, interpreting findings of quantitative studies from peer-review journals

Michigan State University

Econometric Analysis for Education Policy, Fall 2019

  • Co-Instructor with Dr. Joshua Cowen
  • Class of 4 Ph.D. students in Education Policy
  • Course teaches econometric techniques used for causal inference in education policy.
  • Activities include: Stata labs, evaluating quasi-experimental studies from peer-review journals, referee reports

K-12 Instruction 

Mathematics Teacher, Walter L. Cohen College Prep High School, New Orleans, LA, 2014-2016

  • Algebra II and Pre-Calculus Instructor
  • Algebra I Push-in Support
  • 9th grade advisor